My 4th post

I missed yesterday’s post so I will add a quick note. I am truly grateful for my family, they have helped me see things about myself that I had never even considered, they have challenged me to the point of exhaustion and back to fury with the hope of understanding WHY I was feeling such. This includes people not blood related to me and people I have met along life’s path. I have chosen my family and I am glad for each of them because they have enriched my life and blessed me with love, concern and sometimes a bit of irritation that I later learned, had more to do with me, than with them. I am overwhelmed at times, with the idea of how to repay them, HOW to love them, how to change myself to better mesh with who they are and when I overthink it and freak out (often), when I look to my scriptures and (hopefully) write any ideas down in my journal; I usually find the same answer; trust in my love for them, openly communicate verbally with them and serve them. I do feel that I don’t know how to do these things at times but I am always surprised at how often a listening phone call or visit can express these feelings in ways that I don’t fully understand. So for yesterday’s message; trust in your love for your baby, spouse and others. How would you want to be loved?


About 3rdolivetree

I had PPD with 4 of my kids. God healed me and wants all mothers to know their value in this world. I want to help moms understand this by helping them to get back on track, feeling better and loving life!
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