I just wanted to let you know that not only will I be giving this blog a upgraded look soon, I want to make all my online resources match. I am finding more resources everyday for you and your family and I know that this campaign will give you and your family hope for the future.

I also wanted to let you know how much need there is for this campaign. There are so many families struggling, and we all need to know we are not alone, that we are loved and that it will get better.

All of the people that I have contacted for PPD support have been so helpful and encouraging. So many people have struggled with this and all that I have spoken to; have healed and want to share in helping with this campaign.

Please know that (regardless of your religious beliefs) that you are loved by a Divine Creator, the Universe and Humanity. No one wants you to suffer, feel awful or be unhappy with the beautiful life you have been given.

I am the first one to admit that my negative thought patterns got the best of me for years, and even though I could see the beauty of my life, I couldn’t feel it and that was what tormented me each day. Being so numb or so desperately sorrowful was beyond my capacity to understand, much less change. But eventually I couldn’t wait any longer to feel differently. I made choices that led me to changing my thoughts, which changed my actions, which in turn, changed my feelings and eventually, life.


About 3rdolivetree

I had PPD with 4 of my kids. God healed me and wants all mothers to know their value in this world. I want to help moms understand this by helping them to get back on track, feeling better and loving life!
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  1. Bruce Hopewell says:

    Great post pita. Love ya!

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