My gift

I listened to a talk by a man named Dieter F. Uchtdorft tonight. He spoke of gifts, giving and receiving them. What struck me was a strong feeling of gratitude when I thought on what a beautiful hearted young woman named Mary gave us. I have sometimes tried not to think of what Jesus Christ gave up for me or even what he suffered because it makes me uncomfortable but, tonight I have a better understanding of what He meant to give us when He went through all those things. Christ wanted to be able to understand pain, shame, sadness, grief and all the other multitudes of feelings that accompany us throughout life. He wanted to feel them so He could succor us when we go through them. Of course, there is the all important and encompassing love for us that led to His Atonement for our sins, probably a situation that I don’t fully understand but I am trying to appreciate everyday. What I took from this talk is this; God give us gifts and even though we might not understand them or even appreciate them, we can always rest assured of the gift that He gave us when Christ was born on the earth. Someone to love us, appreciate us for being a human being, forgiving us, comforting us and understanding us and our lives.
I want to give you the only gift I have to give; I know that you are powerful, despite your illness, your feelings and your perception of yourself and you can do this; you can and will feel better!


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